About us

Hi all!
For all that don’t know us, we are Kreg and Charlene. Charlene is disabled with MS. We started thinking about getting an RV around 2015. Since it can be challenging to travel even short distances in a car with her MS and having dogs, we figured that an RV could be the thing. Well, we were right. No more leaving the dog behind with a dog sitter. Char is rested and alive when arriving at our destination. And thanks to my work schedule with plenty of 3-day weekends we had lots of opportunities to go places. Time to make memories again.
And while it’s all about new memories, there is still an old passion of mine. COOKING!
Check out my Instagram feed and get hungry.

October 2022 Update!

We are full-timing it now. The house is sold and we have been living in the RV full-time since April 2022. I am also retired since October 20, 2022.

Max (12/3/2018)
Skully (01/15/2021)
Lokai (02/14/2023)

January 2024 update. We have two new family members.