2023 in review

This was our first full year, full-time on the road with our RV. Of course, we stayed in Florida for the winter. On March 1. we officially went on the road for the big trip. We followed the Gulf Coast to southwest Texas, from there through New Mexico, to Arizona for a visit with Charlene’s cousin in Phoenix. On the way there we had some car trouble that we dealt with all the way to Reno. We made it to the Grand Canyon for our wedding anniversary. What a place. From there we made it through Death Valley into the still snowy Rockies. Then we got to spend 4 great and not-so-great weeks near Reno, NV. Great because we had a lot of time with Charlene’s Aunt. Not so great, because the shop that we towed the truck to crashed it. We ended up trading it in for a 4×4 Ford Ranger. They seem to have still not sold it. As of today (01/04/2024) it doesn’t show being sold. I wonder if it was totaled after all. Anyhow, After leaving Nevada, we worked our way through Utah, Wyoming, and South Dakota, following I90 to Wisconsin.

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Char became an even bigger fan of Laura Ingalls since we visited their homestead. For the next 4 weeks, we visited family and friends in Wisconsin. Oshkosh air show and everything. It was great. From there we slowly worked our way back to Florida, stopping in Kentucky for a visit with our old neighbor’s. Towards the end of September, we ended up in the keys and then officially putting an end to the trip on October 30. by arriving at Myakka River State Park. We ended up driving 10,478.5 miles on this trip. All we had to do to make this one epic year was go to Germany for Christmas with my family. I don’t know if we can ever top this. But we will try.

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Sherwood Forest, Kissimmee, FL

January 03, 2024, to January 24, 2024

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After returning from Germany we stopped at a hotel in Port Charlotte for a night before we picked up the RV and took residence at Sherwood Forest in Kissimmee. The bad weather must have followed us. It was wet and cold pretty much throughout the stay. All of the three weeks lol. The days that mattered were fine though. The first quarterly family brunch was a great success and will be repeated in April. We also added two new members to the family. Jenny and Jaxon. Now we have dog hair in the RV again. πŸ™‚ My lazy butt is out there walking again. We managed to go to the Tampa RV Show twice. On day two, Mitchell joined us and I think we have someone else going camping in the future. Our summer trip is pretty much halfway planned.

# 177

Thousand Trails Orlando

January 24, 2024, to February 04, 2024

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Check-in at this place is as crazy as they say. We arrived at 12:04 and were #22 in line. While it took about 40 minutes to get to our site, it was organized very well. Others might think differently when you read some of the reviews. LOL. We got a site in the new section, and I must admit that I like this place. We already have 2 more stays booked. 3 more nights are coming up in a week.

# 178

Southern Palms, Eustis

February 04, 2024, to February 11, 2024

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A week in Eustis, FL. For a change, we got a rather spacious site this time. The permanent site next to us was abandoned. They do need to clean this place up a little. The traffic also is getting worse here. But who wants to complain? The area is beautiful. Char got her Saturday at the flea market. The dogs spent Thursday with a dog sitter while we drove to Clearwater to see Charlene’s Neurologist. It was costly in every aspect, but it was worth it.

# 179

Thousand Trails Orlando

February 11, 2024, to February 14, 2024

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Just a quick pitstop on our way to Port Charlotte. We got into the line at about 12:03 and we were #30. I think we were somewhat in the middle. Sunday seems to be the crazy day. On our way to the site, Char encountered someone who obviously didn’t know how to drive their rig. Instead of making a nice wide left turn, he drove straight into the turn. In the process, he cut Char off. Her quick thinking and backing up like 10 feet prevented an accident. I uploaded the dashcam video.